The Successful Lovrepreneur: How to Get in Business and Stay In Business

08 Aug


Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about 50 Shades of GREY. I mean, I don’t even need to read the books to understand the storyline. Guys, if you want to know what all the buzz is about, just stop any random woman walking through NYC (or your nearest street corner) at given time and ask her about it. Not only will you be brought up to speed with speed, but after witnessing the facial expressions and body language of the women you ask as they explain, you’ll be so intrigued that you’ll rush the stores for a copy. Does 50 Shades of Grey really read like the Rosetta Stone of the pink velvet love canal? Are we as desperate to understand this phenomena as the fellas in Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man movie were in a getting a copy of his book? We should be, right? Right? Apparently it does read as a playbook to break down Phil Jackson’s legendary triangle offense with some good ol’ one in box defense (versus box and one). I’m not so sure, I’ll leave that for you guys to chew on. What I do know it this: Christian Grey isn’t the only show in town! Actually, he can’t be. He’s not even real dammit! He’s a fictitious character, a dream, a well-packaged, delivered, and sold fantasy. Do you know what keeps this franchise in business? The way it erotic ways in which it plays on the imagination. Guys, I believe we all have a little Christian Grey in us, but we just haven’t challenged ourselves to channel it correctlyIf and when we do, we will be able to package, deliver, and create our own fantasies for the women we adore, starring us as the one man show (unless you’re into the group thing. Hey to each is own, right?)!

I’m far from the Bruce Lee of Lovin’, in fact, I’m more like Bruce Leroy (a bootleg knockoff that is entertaining nonetheless), but I have a decent grip on business. Taking basic business principles and putting them into context, I’ve come up with a few short, but sweet tips to success.

Steps to Success:

1. Analyze: In life there is one universal truth – it takes having been a student once to become a master. If you want to Love your lady, Learn your lady. What are her likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses? Do what she likes. Don’t do what she doesn’t. Always play to her strengths and show her how valuable she is and how confident you are in that truth. Play to her weaknesses as well – in both ways: 1. Protect her from that she fears and let her know that she’s supported by you. 2. If there are things in this world such as chocolate, certain colognes, or being touched or kissed in a special place that makes her melt, commit that to memory and practice!

2. Design: I’m far from a cheerleader, but B-E Creative B-E Creative! Take all of your research and put your mind to work. Women have keen senses and one of the strongest is the sense as to what actions come from the heart as well as which ones had serious thought behind them. Something as simple as a candle lit dinner at home where you took a stab at her favorite meal shows that you not only paid attention, but also care. It creates a certain energy, the type that transfers clear through dessert!

3. Implement: Enjoy the fruits of your labor by making her enjoy them too! Plan something and make it happen! Nothing better than when a plan comes together! Plan a special dinner, weekend getaway, long romantic stroll. Even random situations present opportunities to employ your creativity. If you are traveling and you know she likes dogs, pugs specifically, and you happen to spot a PUGLYFE painting by a street artist on the boardwalk in LA or wherever you are, the message is clear: No matter where I am or we are, you are always on my mind. If it’s sincere, she’ll know and she’ll appreciate it in many ways (some unimaginable or definitely not appropriate to post on this blog).

4. Adapt: When it’s a bore, it’s a Chore! (article coming soon) Seriously, it’s like cutting the grass. It might have been cool at one point (like say, when the ‘house’ was new and it was a pride of ownership display), but after a while, it gets boring, sloppy even. You’d flat-out rather someone else do it! For our purposes maybe the tail end of that statement should be to do it with someone else and that can be either you or her. Routine can be a healthy thing in many cases, but sex and relationships wouldn’t be such cases. Love is like Life itself – To stay alive, it needs to breathe. Always be that breath of fresh air. The process of learning, understanding, and interacting with your lady is an ongoing one and really a part of the process of growing together.

Sticking to these basic principles strengthens your business’ ability to withstand tough times. Be it recession, relocation, you name it. Your goal is simple: Gain your target customer and earn her lifetime loyalty and commitment.

Whether in the boardroom or in the bedroom, do your research, present confidently and with precision and handle – your – business! If not, the second your doors close, another Loverpreneur is always ready to step in and open up shop!

Meeting’s Adjourned,

M. Wellesley “50 Shades of” Gray

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